Thursday, September 26, 2013

 For Sarah Hemphill
For Sue Carrington

These are my ICADs as a work in progress.  Unfortunately the photos of the finished products didn't turn out and I had added some metal stuff and mounted them on card, but the I know Sarah liked hers and I haven't heard from Sue.  I tried to make them a little bit of my life and a little bit of Australia.  Thanks again Ingrid for the great challenge.
 We caught the 9.03 train to Footscray
 Had coffee & almond croissant
 Chris at the market
 Little Saigon Market
 Things we never see in Ballarat
 And more...
 Home and the fire is alight
 The dog is on the couch
 The room has afternoon sunlight
 All around.....
 Tim is playing Spider Solitaire & drinking tea
 This is my market haul
 Can I come back in?
A wedding card for Trudy's grandaughter
 The chooks like to lay in this bin
 The ducks want to go to the dam

Just after some food

 The dam is down there somewhere
 The morning haul
 I am making a proscuitto
 Cleaned up haul
Just a bit inside
I thought it might be nice to share some of my day.
 We walk first thing every morning.
 Too early for the birds
 A bit misty down in the chook yard
 We love to sniff in the front paddock
Mr Gobbles struts his stuff