Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Obviously I am not a dedicated blogger.  The geese are fully grown and we have inherited some bantams from a friend who moved.  They are very funny and, I suspect, a little inbred.  Our little rooster was very happy to see them, but Gobbles (the turkey) is not keen.  One rooster jumped the fence and we couldn't get him back in, next morning he was just a little pile of feathers.  A salutory lesson to everyone else who now queue to get back in the yard after a day of scratching up the orchard.  I made a few cards for some friends, I have played some very bad bridge and some very good bridge, Tim has played some wonderful bridge and altogether we spend too much time on bridge.  We are also painting the outside of the house, have ripped up some very tacky slate near the front door and are ready to concrete that area.  So we haven't been doing nothing.  This wedding card didn't scan so well, but Shannon's grandmother was pleased with it.  Perhaps I might get to doing this more thatn once every 3 months when the cold weather comes.

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