Tuesday, August 27, 2013

I have received my first ICAD and it is GORGEOUS!!!  Thanks so much Sue for the lovely work, and thanks Astrid for setting up this swap.  Mine will be posted today, one to the UK and one to USA - how cool is this swapping little pieces of art.....

These scans don't really show the glow and shimmer of these works.  Did I mention they are gorgeous...


  1. Hello Carol
    I am so pleased you really like the ICAD I made for you, I love making Backgrounds and I love texture, so for you to appreciate this makes my day. Thank you for the kind words too.
    I am waiting patiently for my two to arrive, they have been posted I am informed.... such excitement.

  2. Stunning work by Sue...I have loved being part of this swap Carol, Thank you so much for your sweet comment....Hugs May x x x