Monday, July 14, 2014

Well, things are hotting up.  Goose and chook sheds all cleaned up and freshly strawed.  Geese are in full mating mode so they will be nesting soon.  The house should go on the market next week so I hope nobody buys it for a few months because the geese will need time to hatch their eggs.  I suppose anyone who buys our property will like some geese anyway and they have all been born here.  Ducks are laying well and they will probably want to sit on some eggs as well - though they are not very dedicated mothers like the geese and the bantams.  I have had some time to play because the weather has been dreadful but at least the dam is filling up.  I love winter.

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  1. Lovely cards (such a cute birdie) and I hope the sanctuary for future offspring remains safe. Here in the desert southwest of the USA where summertime temps are in the 110's, I am amazed that the ever present dove population continues their mating rituals right outside my window in spite of the heat. Thanks for leaving a comment on a recent post of mine, I really appreciate it.

    P.S. I love winter too!